love love love love love... Arashi Wild at Heart at Hey3x!!
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OMG.... I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Arashi new dance for Wild at Heart from Hey Hey Hey!!!!

love love love love love.....!!! love them so much to write this meaningless entry!! Lolz....

OMG.... I dont know whether this is because I came home tired from work or because they are just so awesome!! but I loveeee itttttttttt ^^

They all look SOOOOOOOOOOooooooo cooooll!!! the part where they were picking up the stand up mic with their foot... the part where only the 4 of them gathered and ohno was on the side... the part when they did the 'disappearing' thing lolz dont know what they are called... the part when they made an arrow shape and kicking and stuff... the part when matsujun kick the stand up mic away... the part when jun and ohno were kneeling.... every bits and every parts.. they are sooo cool!!! and soooo hottttt!!! so handsomeee!!! Kyaaa... I was saying OMG throughout the whole clipss and kya-ing too!! so cool! so awesome! kakoiiiiiiiii ^^

If you are reading this and hasnt seen it, you should definitely watch it!!!  my heart was like doki2 all the way... and I keep rewinding and rewinding and rewinding...

just one word:         awesome!!!

Ps: Nino is soooooo hott in the first 4 seconds of the clip ^^

ramble ramble ramble ... on a bad day!
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It's been aaaaages since I updated my journal.. lolz... well, I have never written a diary before and I dont really like writing too so cant help it if I dont update my journals that often lolz...
Anyway... the last few days (this week really) has been really really shitty.. I've been so stressed that it's not funny anymore.. I even developed hives today (for the first time ever in my whole life)! and I've never had this before *cries hard* T,T  and it was really really crazily itchy!! If I can rip my skin open, I may have already done that! It's THAT itchy!
I thought I was allergic to some foods.. but nope!, it's purely emotional stress T.T  (because it's 4 hours before the hives appeared that I last ate)
work work work.. stress related work... *sigh*... I wish I can fly somewhere and dissapear... T.T
what a way to start the new year! T.T

anyway... so I got home.. took a shower.. and decided to watch the 2nd episode of Lucky Seven to make myself feel better! .. only to discover that this shitty desktop of mine has decided to laaaggg.... like, really2 lag... (maybe because the episode was in high def 720p .. and I know that often happens)...

So..abandoning the idea of watching Lucky seven, I've decided to watch something else.. and I stumbled across Arashi Time Summer Tour 2007 concert!!

I must say, Arashi must have this invicible incredible charming power to cheer you up.. because, believe it or not, after 10 minutes of watching this, my hives started to dissapear!! and this is real!! I could not believe it myself.. I wouldnt believe it if someone else told me this story.. but it really happens to me.....just a couple of hours ago!!  and believe me, the hives was all over my body and it was very itchy...

..... anyway.. continues on my ramble...

.... suddenly I started to smile.... and laugh.... and.... the incredible thing is.. my worries start to dissapear as well.........  my stress slowly recedes...... it's magic.... it's unbelievable... it's... undescribable....

oh.. Arashi... I thank God I knew you when I started this stressful job of mine! I would not know how to cope otherwise......

jun with your charming smile...
sho with your sillyness...
aiba with your cheerfulness...
ohno with your golden voice...
nino with your cheekyness...

arashi arashi arashi.. oh how i love thee..... the rainbow that brings happiness.... ^^
that's arashi for me .. for now... for this week at least...


One of the many ways to turn your brother, bf, male-friends into Arashi fans!!
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LoLz.... so as the title says... this is one of the many ways to turn your male-friends/housemates/relatives/brother to be Arashi fans!!!! I've tried this on 2 people and it worked (although they are not as hard core fans as I am, they are at my level of conversation about arashi)  ;) so I'd say it is worth a try..... =D

First - Never show Arashi's dance to them (unless, of course, they have seen it before)

Second - Bait them by choosing a Himitsu no Arashi chan episode where the guest is a female and pretty (the prettiest the better) and where Riida looks sleepy/not enthusiastic etc etc (the sleepiest the better) - preferably choose a funny and interesting episode that you can find!

Third - order ask them to watch Maou!!! 

Fourth - Engage in conversation about Arashi and how Oh-chan can look soooo incredibly different in shows and when he is acting and singing. Point the difference and told them about how great Arashi is (give facts if necessary and the awards they have gained in the past years). Give them more himitsu no arashi chan again (choose as per step 2 above). By this stage hopefully they should show lots of interests in Arashi.
(if they don't, either they are hopeless or you've failed miserably.... lolz)

Ps: If they love to cook, show them a few Arashi's cooking episode or shukudai kun ^^

So that's all folks! Looks simple? Give it a try!! ;D hopefully you can convert those around you to be one of us =D

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News from Johnny's International Mailing List 310311
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Taken from Johnny's International Mailing list 31 Mar 2011

*** ***  *** ***  *** ***  *** ***  *** ***  *** *** *** *** *** ***
1. What we can do now 
*** ***  *** ***  *** ***  *** ***  *** ***  *** *** *** *** *** ***
Since the occurrence of the big earthquake that has struck eastern Japan, 
we have been giving our constant support to the disaster areas, 
while moving the 2 concert power supply vehicles we donated immediately after the earthquake
to the districts with the heaviest power outages. 
A second group of trucks loaded with emergency relief supplies and fuel vehicles departed on March 25th, 
and following the first group, pieces of clothing, such as t-shirts, and medicines have been delivered.
3 weeks after the earthquake occurred, from April 1st and for the following 3 days, 
as the first step of a new aid project called "Marching J", 
in order to expand the big circle of support together with all the fans, all our artists, 
for a total of over 100, gathered at the Yoyogi National 1st Gymnasium, 
will make a call for help directly to everyone. 
We want to stack one by one "the things we can do now" in order to 
move forward towards tomorrow, in the continuously changing environment surrounding us. 
We would like all of you who approve this project to join us, 
and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Johnny's Family Club
Johnny & Associates
All the artists
This activity is holding in cooperation with “NAASH Yoyogi National Gymnasium.
*** ***  *** ***  *** ***  *** ***  *** ***  *** *** *** *** *** ***
2. New aid project "Marching J"
*** ***  *** ***  *** ***  *** ***  *** ***  *** *** *** *** *** ***
Aiming to expand the big circle of support coming from all the fans, 
we decided to carry out a fund-raising event with all our talents. 
Fans from Japan and all around the world have been asking
Are you not going to do fund-raising? Please do it! Moreover, 
even the voices of the fans from the disaster areas have reached us 
Please don't cancel the concerts, postpone them. I'll do my best to enjoy them. 
With the purpose of helping everyone in the disaster areas to regain their everyday life
as soon as possible, and hoping to see your smiling faces at our concerts, 
we will make all the Johnnys Family's talents and fans become one 
and we will start from what we can do now!
Let's make the first step of "Marching J" together! 
If you and your friends are in Japan, please join this event at all costs!
Also, in case from now on a project that fans from around the world can participate 
in will be announced, we thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation!
[Date & Time]: April 1st (Fri), 2nd (Sat), 3rd (Sun)  10:00am to 5:00pm each day
[Venue]: Yoyogi National 1st Gymnasium in Tokyo

YaY!! Jin second season will be back soon!!
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“JIN” sequel slated for spring 2011

The popular, award-winning drama series “JIN” is officially getting a sequel, scheduled for spring 2011. Takao Osawa (42) will reprise his starring role, along with other main cast members including Haruka Ayase (25), Masaaki Uchino (41), and Miki Nakatani (34).

Based on a manga by Motoka Murakami about a brain surgeon who gets sent back in time to the Bakumatsu era, “JIN” originally aired last fall. The series averaged over a 19% rating, with the final episode reaching 25.3%, the highest for any drama series on a commercial network last year.

Osawa commented that he was concerned about the sequel being a retread of the first series. However, the new series is said to be a step up in terms of scale and intensity. One of the highlights will be the assassination of Sakamoto Ryoma (Uchino) and whether the surgeon Jin (Osawa) can save him. New characters being introduced include Nakaoka Shintaro and the samurai Saigo Takamori.

Rumors surfaced earlier this month that Osawa and Ayase are in a relationship, but both of their agencies have denied it. As a result, the series will be receiving extra attention from fans and the media, especially since their characters in the drama are romantic interests.

The show’s producer stated that this will be the conclusion of the drama and that there will be no movie version.

Sankei Sports

Japan Earthquake and websites
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It is very very sad looking at the TV news about the earthquake in Japan.... the scale, the destruction and everything that come with it... so so sad.....

"The earthquake was the biggest recorded in Japan since 1923, Japan Meteorological Agency officials said. "

- News from Asahi Shimbun:
- from Yokosonews:

- Some pictures:

- Look at the live update from: or

- If you are wondering whether your idols are ok or not:

- Press release from JE:

"On Friday March 11, after The 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami(Tōhoku Chihō Taiheiyō-oki Jishin) has happened, Johnny’s fans all over the world has been worried about the safety of Johnny’s talents.
The Johnny’s Family Club has already confirmed the safety of everyone.
Thank you for worrying about our artists even in an urgent situation.
We sincerely hope that people who have been effected by this disaster will be able to return back to their normal lives.

Johnny’s Family Club
From all the artists."

- Photos of Before and After:

- Livestream TV from NHK (in English):

Hopefully it doesn't get worse... There is always a light at the end of the tunnel ...
My heart goes out to everyone there...

one bad wednesday ...
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~ Today is the second day of March!!! How time flies ...........

I woke up this morning at 6 AM with a right-sided headache!! Forced myself to sleep and had the strangest dream ever.......

The setting was at my old highschool and the school was invaded by strange aliens!! Everyone was asleep and no matter how hard I tried to wake them, they were still asleep....
I managed to save a colony of small spiders and put them outside...
As I tried to run to the exit, I was woken up...... unfortunately with the same headache!! It's still there!

So I went to work, took 2 tablets of pain killers.... felt like throwing up a couple of times but finally just before lunch time, the headache was gone!

Unfortunately I still have mountains of work to do... *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*................................

No matter! It's 5 o'clock now and it is time to go home and watch some Arashi to forget what has happened today............. ^^

Hope everyone else has a better day today! *BIG sigh* ...................

Gantz Interview in LA
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Gantz Interview in LA!!!!! This is a must watch!! Very funny and it's 10 mins long!! ^^

Shorter video from a fans' camera:

Go Go Gantz..........!! Cant wait for the subbed version of the movie!!


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Arashi send total music DVD sales to 4 million for the first time ever
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Arashii sugoiii ^^

10:51 JST February 9, 2011 · 10:51 AM

Arashi send total music DVD sales to 4 million for the first time ever

Arashi have sold almost twice as many music DVDs as any other music artist in Japan over their career, reports Oricon.

Figures released by Oricon’s weekly charts have revealed Arashi’s latest music DVD “ARASHI 10-11 TOUR “Scene” ~君と僕の見ている風景 (Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fukei)~ STADIUM” had sold 59,000 copies in its second week of sales. Adding this number to the DVD’s first week sales of 618,000 and their previous 10 DVD sales, the total had surpassed four million copies. It is the first time an artist’s music DVD sales have hit four million over their career in Japan.

Arashi had taken over the number one spot for overall music DVD sales in 2010 after their last DVD “ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5 X 10″ passed the record set by girl’s band Morning Musume.

The top three artist records are now:

1. Arashi – 4.01 million

2. Morning Musume – 2.29 million

3. Ayumi Hamasaki – 2.23 million

Translation by Momoedgewood
Original article taken from:

The effect of Arashi’s manga pictures in Asahi Shimbun
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Yay!! My second post...... :p

Just got this article about Arashi...... it's really cool!! and national newspaper too! Well, details below.... :)

Credit: Momoedgewood (

The effect of Arashi’s manga pictures in Asahi Shimbun

Arashi in Asahi Shimbun on February 3 (photo thanks to J-CAST NEWS)

While newspapers struggle with dipping sales, special Arashi pages in Asahi Shimbun have had everyone and sales buzzing, reports J-CAST News on February 4.

The newspaper feature “ARASHI Meets MANGA 僕らの肖像 (Bokura no Shozou)” took up eight pages of the national newspaper on February 3.  Each Arashi member had been drawn into manga form by a manga writer who was responsible for creating one of their drama roles.  Taiyo Matsumoto (鉄コン筋クリート, Tekkon Kinkreet), Chica Umino (ハチミツとクローバー, Hachimitsu to Clover), Yoko Kamio (花より男子, Hana yori Dango), Kenji Nagatomo (Bartender), and Fujiko Fujio A (怪物くん, Kaibutsu-kun).

It has been reported Asahi Shimbun’s advertising office had stated they ran the special because the group were Japan’s tourism navigators, and one of their responsibilities is to promote Japan to the overseas market.

“Arashi have been given the task to send out a message to people overseas about what makes Japan unique while these manga writers have already shown they can send powerful messages overseas.  Our aim was to show people how amazing Japan is by getting these two groups to collaborate,” they said.

It has been reported the special was run because it was a chance for the newspaper to do something big and would help pull in younger readers.  Another reason might have also been because it was a good way to promote Masaki Aiba’s new drama “Bartender”.

Either way, when the newspaper hit stands on February 3, it became so popular that a growing number of train station newspaper stands had sold out of all of their copies.

The newspaper soon became a popular topic on Twitter, where a number of fans and non-fans tweeted about the special.

“I got my Asahi Shimbun (^o^)/”

“I’m not an Arashi fan, but this is amazing.”

“It really is, yesterday’s special was fun.”

It has been reported Asahi Shimbun had received more than 100 calls by lunch time on February 4 from people asking where to get a copy of the February 3 newspaper, and others had called to thank the newspaper.

“I hope you can do more fun specials like this.”

“I’m going to save this newspaper forever.”

The manga pictures of Arashi were printed on FM Premium paper, which is whiter than normal newspaper materials.


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